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PDVL Overseas Ltd – Indonesia

PDVL Overseas Advisory was established in Malaysia in 2007, and has been in close partnership with City College Plymouth for a long time. Over the past 10 years, with the intention to reach out to more Asian students, PDVL has also set up several branches in Indonesia, Thailand, China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. 

City College Plymouth and PDVL started their journey in Indonesia since 2016 with a dedicated mission to help Indonesian students study abroad in the UK, in order to improve the students’ English language proficiency, global insights and international experiences. The offices are located in some big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. As the journey begun, City College Plymouth and PDVL representatives have gained full support from Indonesia Education Ministry and Local Education Bereaus from each province in Indonesia. Every year, PDVL officer who represented City College Plymouth reports to the Education Minister regarding the students achievements and progression. The education minister always welcome all International Programme for the improvement of students development. 

International Foundation Program

This International Foundation Programme is the first high-quality pre-university course offered by City College Plymouth to our Indonesian students. There are more than 80 schools in Indonesia has been collaborated exclusively with City College Plymouth, UK. Over 40 students every year studying in the College in order to get the foundation program which is an NQF Level 3 course delivered at similar standards of programmes like A-Levels. The pathways offered from City College Plymouth are quite similar to Indonesian Curriculum which are in Business and Science. This is an accelerated 6-month foundation program from January to July that is well-known for its wide range of options for university progression and outstanding passing rate. Upon 6 months completion, our graduates are well-accepted by Top UK universities such as King’s College London but also other countries that include New Zealand, Australia, USA, Netherland, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many more.

International Preparation Course in Business

The International Preparation Course in Business is specially designed by City College Plymouth for High Schools in Indonesia since Business Studies are rarely being thought in the formal schools. This programme teaches students basic Business knowledge, regardless of whether they decide to eventually move on to Science- or Business-based subjects. Throughout the programme, students acquire business knowledge that allows them to be well-prepared for future Business courses and is used as additional knowledge that allows students to be more competent in their future careers. Not only beneficial for the students themselves, but this programme also gives the opportunity to the teachers to get a certification in teaching business which is accredited by the College. Students will be awarded an NQF Level 3 foundation certificate from City College Plymouth upon passing the College examination. From there, students are guaranteed progression to City College Plymouth to study the Premier International Year 1 programme.

Premier International Year 1

The Premier International Year One (PIY1) Course is a blended NQF Level 3 and 4* programme, offering high-achieving international students a challenging, accelerated programme with a duration of one academic year.

This is an intensive and demanding programme that enables students to develop academic Business knowledge and English language skills that allows them to progress to the second year of business-related undergraduate degree programmes at a selected group of UK universities upon successful completion.

The Prince Summer Course

The Prince Summer Programme is a challenging and inspiring program for ambitious students to study over 2 consecutive summer periods (Part 1 & Part 2)  to fully utilise the summer breaks in high school study terms to explore education at a pre-university level and study abroad experiences. Students will learn different academic subjects equivalent to A-Level standards, together with leadership and volunteering programs. Students who successfully complete both Parts will be awarded an NQF Level 3 International Foundation Certificate, and a Pre-Duke of Edinburgh Certificate of Participation. Students who only complete Part I will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. 

More activities in Indonesia

Guest Lecture / Workshops / Seminars

PDVL and City College Plymouth have a dedication to develop students, teachers, and schools’ staff performance. The College prepared a set of workshops/seminars with a native speaker as guest lecturer to share about academic and UK Education system. 


Taster Session

Taster session is given to the students who have interests in studying abroad. This activity provides the students a sight about studying with UK teachers and students. The students can then acknowledge the pace of the learning activities in the classroom, and well-prepared upon their arrival in the UK. 


Teacher Training

As well as seminars and workshops, teacher training is specially designed for Indonesian Schools which run International Preparation Course in Business. This activities provide the teachers a set of training in Business areas. Upon completion of teacher training, the teachers will be awarded a certification from the College which indicated the ability in teaching business.