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City College Plymouth is governed by the College Corporation. The Corporation is accountable for the quality of the service we provide to our students and how we manage their welfare. It is also accountable for the financial health of the College, including making sure that public funds are managed appropriately. The College Corporation’s responsibilities are laid out in its Instrument and Articles of Government.

What are the duties of the Corporation?
  • Defining the College’s strategy – setting aims and objectives.
  • Determining and periodically reviewing the educational character and mission of the College and the oversight of its activities.
  • Making sure the Principal and staff are accountable for how the College is run.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the College’s performance.
  • Playing a part in appointing senior College staff and setting the framework for the pay and conditions of more junior staff.

This means that the Corporation is accountable for the College’s financial position and use of public funds, the quality of the education it provides and its wider contribution to the community it serves. To help fulfil these duties, the Corporation takes account of the views of many different stakeholder groups, including students, staff, employers and the local community. Feedback is collected in a range of formal and informal ways.

Governors of City College Plymouth

The Chair of Governors is Richard Stevens. You may contact Richard via the Clerk to the Corporation through the Assistant Clerk to the Corporation on 01752 856824 or e-mail,
Other governors:

  • Richard Stevens – Chair of Governors
  • Jackie Grub – CEO/Principal
  • Adam Croney – Chair of Audit
  • Paul James – Chair of Finance and General Purposes
  • Rebecca Archer
  • Dickon Court
  • Toby Gorniak
  • Sam Samuel
  • Brian Wood
  • Martin Boulter – Staff Governor
  • Chaz Talbot – Staff Governor
  • Niamh Rogers – Student Governor
Board Structure

The Corporation normally meets six times a year, including two strategy days. The Audit Committee meets termly. There are other constituted committees and the Board is currently reviewing how and when they operate. Whilst this is considered, the whole Board is meeting once a month during term time to address all required business.

Corporation and Committee meetings


Governing Body and Committee meetings:

Spring Term 2022:

  • Governing Body – 24 January 2022
  • Audit Committee – 14 March 2022
  • Governing Body – 28 March 2022

Summer Term 2022

  • Governing Body – 23 May 2022
  • Audit Committee – 27 June 2022
  • Governing Body – 18 July 2022
Public Access to Meetings

Members of the public, including representatives of the press or media, will not be admitted to meetings of the Corporation Board or its committees. In exceptional circumstances, the Corporation or committee may decide to allow public attendance for all or part of a particular meeting. Attendance at Meetings Policy Note: Members of the public are defined as anyone who is not a member of the Board, Clerk to the Corporation or any student, member of staff or officer invited by the Chair to attend for a specific purpose.

Corporation Minutes

Anyone is entitled to be provided with a copy of the approved Governing Body minutes and of its committees, provided they do not contain confidential information. If you wish to obtain any copies, you may do so by contacting the Clerk to the Corporation via the Assistant Clerk to the Corporation

Minutes to Download



Contact Information

If you require any further information, please contact the Clerk to the Corporation Heather Cross, by e-mailing