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Jake Tweed City College Plymouth

Mechanical & Operational Engineering Technician Apprenticeship (NHS)

Jake has always been fascinated by the inner workings of things. From a young age, he was the child who would dismantle toys only to put them back together, driven by a curiosity to understand how things operate.

So, it’s come as no surprise that Jake has entered the field of engineering with City College Plymouth. With a brief stint in the world of art while studying for a Photography Degree at university, Jake has returned to his roots and is now undertaking an Engineering Apprenticeship in conjunction with the NHS. 

Jake’s decision to take on an Apprenticeship was an easy one – it provides a structured pathway into the engineering sector, combining on-the-job training with classroom learning. Jake noted, “It was what I was looking for. It’s giving me the experience I need in the future while I learn everything behind the scenes.”

NHS Apprenticeships are designed to cater to a wide range of careers within the health sector, offering opportunities from entry to degree levels, including areas such as biomedical engineering, plant maintenance, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and building services engineering. The perfect route for Jake, who wanted a slightly different experience entering the industry.

“It’s a role that you have to be really adaptable in – one minute you’ll be making sure all hospital areas are safe to use and kept at the right temperature and the next you’re fixing a toilet!”

The Apprenticeship in Mechanical and Operational Engineering is lining Jake up for career progression in the future, while giving him the essential foundations he needs to hit the ground running. 

But what really makes Jake’s Apprenticeship stand out is the impact it has. He plays a crucial role in maintaining essential services like heating and electricity in the hospital. And, whilst these might seem like background tasks, they’re vital for creating an environment where healthcare professionals can do their best work and save lives.

“The role begins with safeguarding yourself and your coworkers, but my job goes way beyond that. I work in engineering in the NHS to protect the general public in an environment where, often, people are at their most vulnerable.”

In his role, Jake is committed to contributing to his community and making sure he’s working to keep people safe, happy and healthy behind the scenes.

If you’re thinking about taking on an Apprenticeship and want to know more, click here to explore the exciting possibilities that City College Plymouth has waiting for you.