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Liam Hirons

The motor industry is rapidly changing as our world focuses on sustainability and connectivity. Demands for 5G-connected cars are expected to soar, and as more and more people make the switch to digital vehicles, how and what the College teaches is also changing. 

Auto engineering lecturer Liam Hirons is part of a dedicated team training the next generation of vehicle technicians, passing on crucial skills and knowledge to suit both the current and future demands of this busy industry. 

Liam, 29, is a former City College student having completed a level 2 qualification in vehicle maintenance and repair after finishing school. Liam has always had a strong interest in cars, keen to know everything about how they worked, so it was an easy decision when it came to his next steps after leaving school. 

Liam said: “Whilst at school I did the IMI Level 1 in Fast Fit and this really deepened my interest in cars; I was really keen to get under the bonnet and find out exactly how everything works. 

“I was really lucky by coming to City College – the lecturers are all brilliant and not only did they make the course interesting, they made it fun. When you’re in the workshop they encourage you to work as a team and to look out for one another. That’s something I try to instil in my students now that I’m working as a lecturer. I think it’s important to make learning fun and make sure our students feel comfortable.”

After completing his qualification, Liam worked on commercial vehicles at Volkswagen before moving to Vospers. He also spent a few years working as a specialist technician for Mercedes Benz giving him the wealth of experience he now shares with students who are still deciding what type of career they wish to pursue. 

Liam added: “City College set me up for life. I really enjoyed working in industry, but I remember how happy I was at the College and I spotted an opportunity to join the team, working alongside some of the lecturers who taught me. 

“The lecturers I had as a student were always really supportive – happy to help if I found anything difficult. I’m still getting that support as I start my teaching career. 

“City College has great facilities and the team will fully prepare you to get a job in the auto industry. You will learn a lot and you will have a great time whilst doing it. The lecturers treat you like adults and keep you motivated throughout your course.”